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The THREAT acronym represents the Triple Helix cybeR sEcurity Africa summiT. We have used a bold red font to emphasise the importance of the subject matter as well as its criticality. It also represents the strong technical risk reduction measures implemented across industry and government institutions, but critically that these implementations are not as secure as expected. The distressed font represents the danger faced by institutions through various attack vectors, most significantly by untrained/unaware users and non-compliant policies and procedures. The intertwined three ribbons (the triple helix) represent the three key components of any comprehensive cybersecurity strategy for our country. Located and anchored in South Africa, we have chosen the colours of our flag for various components of our logo. Appearing on the logo will be a year or event type that clearly describes the type of event.

This is the first of a series of THREAT events that will deal with specific information and cyber security issue facing our society. Through these events we will raise awareness and improve the overall security posture of our country. Outcomes of each event will take the form of research outputs in accredited and respected academic journals, position papers, non-technical articles in trade publications and recommendations to relevant bodies. The THREAT events are not intended to be vendor events, but will sometimes include exhibitions by event sponsors. The THREAT events remain vendor neutral.

The information and cyber-security domain is rapidly evolving, both from a technical and legislative point of view. As exploits become easier to implement, the job of the security professional becomes even more complicated. It is impossible for organisations to keep abreast of all developments in this space, while at the same time addressing the threat landscape of the organisation. The information and cybersecurity professional has to stay ahead of the cybercriminal to have any real success in keeping threats at bay while enabling business to proceed as effectively and efficiently as possible.

THREAT 2019 puts you ahead of the cybersecurity curve. With key inputs from Government, Business and Academia over six plenary sessions in two days, participants will hear from leading practitioners, legislators and academics and participate in discussions around cyber and information security. The unique format of this summit enables the audience and speakers to engage with one another interactively. The mini-workshop sessions will also allow participants to engage with specific focus areas of their choice.

THREAT 2019 presents researchers, business leaders, and security practitioners with an opportunity to obtain a high-level view of many of the threads in the security tapestry.